Vitamin D Benefits – “Sunshine Vitamin”

Vitamin D Benefits – The Sunshine Vitamin

Hey There, Sunshine Seekers! 😎🌞 Guess what? There are some incredible vitamin D benefits! There’s a reason why vitamin D is called the “sunshine vitamin” – it’s your ticket to a world of awesomeness! First up, let’s talk bones. Vitamin D is like the 🦸‍♀️superhero sidekick🦸‍♂️ to calcium and phosphorus, making sure your bones stay strong and dance-ready. 💃🕺

But wait, there’s more! Your immune system gets a high-five✋ from vitamin D too. It’s like giving your body an immune-boosting hug, helping you fend off those pesky bugs and feel your best.🤩  And get this, vitamin D isn’t just about bones and bugs; it’s like a backstage VIP pass to the health show. It’s been known to team up with you against heart disease, diabetes, and even certain types of ninja-like cancers.

Hold onto your sunhats, because vitamin D also moonlights as a mood magician. It’s like a sunshine hug for your brain, helping those feel-good chemicals groove and keeping your spirits high. 😁 Ever hear of the winter blues? Ever want to head out to sunnier climates with the sun, sand & sea in the dead of winter??? Sunshine is an instant mood booster!

So, how do you get this sunny goodness? Well, start to embrace some 🌞sunshine🌞 and soak up some rays, all while savoring vitamin D-rich foods like yummy fish🐟, fortified goodies🥛, and sunny-side-up eggs🍳. And if you’re a bit low on Vitamin D, don’t fret! Your trusty healthcare squad can also hook you up with supplements💊 to keep the sunshine vibes flowing.

Humans make 90 percent of their vitamin D naturally through sun exposure to the skin (without sunscreen). For those of us who live in our northern climates means UVB levels in sunlight are too weak 4-6 months of the year to make any vitamin D naturally. read more

Research has revealed its potential in reducing the risk of conditions, including:

  • Michael F. Holick, Ph.D., M.D.
    A summary of the health benefits and disease incidence prevention
    that could be achieved by raising the public’s vitamin D levels to 125 nmol/L:

    • Rickets, reduced by 100%
    • Osteomalacia, reduced by 100%
    • Cancers, all combined, reduced by 75%
    • Breast Cancer, reduced by 50%
    • Ovarian Cancer, reduced by 25%
    • Colon Cancer, reduced by 67%
    • Non-Hodgkins, reduced by 30%
    • Kidney Cancer, reduced by 67%
    • Endometrial Cancer, reduced by 35%
    • Type 1 Diabetes, reduced by 80%
    • Type 2 Diabetes, reduced by 50%
    • Fractures, all combined, reduced by 50%
    • Falls, women reduced by 72%
    • Multiple Sclerosis, reduced by 50%
    • Heart Attack, men, reduced by 50%
    • Peripheral Vascular Disease, reduced by 80%
    • preeclampsia reduced by 50%
    • Cesarean Section, reduced by 75%

    Holick, Michael F., PhD., M.D., Boston University School of Medicine,
    textbook – Physiology, Molecular Biology, and Clinical Applications
    (2nd Ed 2010 Humana Press). Page 12


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