Tanning Beds

Our High Performance Luxury Sun Beds are available for walk-ins! No appointments needed!


Black Diamond Level 8 – Matrix®


  1. 12-Minute Tanning Bed – A tanning connoisseur’s dream bed!
  2. 360 degree quartz lamp coverage for an “On The Beach” experience
  3. 3 sessions in one week to achieve fabulous natural looking tan
  4. Maintain once every 10-14 days

Diamond Level 7 – Alpha®

  • 10-Minute Tanning Bed – Shoulder tanners & adjustable facials; Aroma therapy & aqua mist!
  • Customized tanning settings for your skin tone- Caribbean, Mediterranean & Pacific
  • Large bed for added comfort; 2-4 sessions in 7-10 days for a rich golden color
  • Maintain once every 10-14 days

Platinum Level 6 – Max10®

  • 10-Minute Tanning Bed – Enjoy the beach indoors!
  • Proprietary blend of extreme bronzing UVA & tan-igniting UVB
  • 3-5 sessions in 7-10 days to achieve a sun kissed tan
  • Maintain once every 7-10 days

Gold Level 5 – Orbit Onyx 2.0®

  • 10-Minute Tanning Beds – Fresh sun-kissed glow!
  • Reflective lamp technology with gentle bronzing facials
  • 4-6 sessions in 10-14 days to achieve that “just right” bronzing glow
  • Maintain once every 7-10 days

Silver Level 4 – SunCapsule® Party Booth

  • 7-Minute Tanning Booth – Party ready with an unbeatable even tan!
  • Vertical booth system that surrounds you with true head-toe-tanning
  • 4-6 sessions in 10-14 days to achieve that “party rocker” glow
  • Maintain once every 7-10 days

Bronze Level 3 – Orion®

  • 15-Minute Tanning Bed – Typically an upgrade bed at most salons!
  • Roomy entry level bed with premium reflective bronzing lamps and gentle facial lamps
  • 6-8 sessions in two weeks to achieve fantastic, natural looking glow
  • Maintain once every 4-5 days
Tanning Tips
  • Dry skin does not tan – using a salon approved skin care product will help keep your skin healthy looking while also being able to develop a faster, darker and longer lasting tan using less sessions
  • Generic products RUIN our equipment. Please refrain from using unauthorized products so everyone can enjoy best results!
  • Feeling like you are wanting to get darker but can’t? Switch it up! Try a different tanning bed, tanning lotion, add a red light therapy session or infrared wrap!
Things to Know...
  • In Wisconsin, you must be 16+ to use tanning beds. If you are under the age of 16 you may only use sunless spray tanning or red light with parental consent form signed.
  • Photo ID is required to be shown for every new client.
  • FDA Approved eye protection is required in tanning beds. Eyeballs do not tan and you should always protect them!
  • You must wait 24 hours between tanning bed sessions. With high performance equipment it is recommended to wait 48-72 hours between sessions.
  • We are open 7 days a week! Check out our google map page here