Sunless Spray Tans: Your Passport to Radiance

Sun-Kissed Delight: Your Passport to Radiance with Sunless Spray Tans from SunWerks

Hey, glow getters! Ready to bring on the glow without the UV show? Picture this: stepping into a booth and voilà – you emerge with a radiant tan that’s like a sunbeam’s secret handshake. Sunless Spray Tans are INSTANT & EASY!

Our sunless spray tans are your personal escape to instant fabulousness. The spray tan solution? Oh, it’s like a luxurious potion that pampers your skin with vitamins and antioxidants. That’s right – it’s like a spa day that leaves you looking like a golden goddess. Say “hasta la vista” to the days of orange! We only use the highest of quality sunless solutions and skin perfecting formulas for a perfect glow every time.

Whether you’ve got a hot date with destiny🥵 or just want to strut your stuff with a boost of confidence😘, the sunless spray tan booth has got your back (and your front!). This is a ONE & DONE tan – the VIP pass to a gorgeously sun-kissed you!

So, let your inner glow-getter shine, because the sunless spray tan is here to sprinkle your life with confidence and radiance. It’s time to embrace the tan-tastic journey and unleash your inner glow – all while keeping your skin pampered and smiling.

Sunless Spray Tans at SunWerks

Choose from 4 color levels – Instant or Gradual – pH Balancing Primer and Post Moisturizer – Extra Leg Spray Pass or Partial Body

Sunless Spray Tans VersaSpa Pro

There are some key steps to making sure you get the perfect sunless spray tan EVERY time!

  • Shower, Shave & Exfoliate your body before arriving to salon – this removes dead skin cells and product build up
  • Skin should be free of any lotions, oils, makeup, deodorant, etc. – these can counter act with the sunless tanner
  • Add a pH balancing spray and post moisturizing spray for a more customized, longer lasting spray tan (see your spray tan consultant for more on this!)
  • Plan on wearing loose-fit clothing for after your spray sessions – prevents tan from rubbing on tight fit clothing
  • Plan on not showering/sweating/moisturizing again for minimum of 4-6 hours for spray tan to develop. (Up to 24 for darker results)
  • Use a spray tan friendly body wash and daily moisturizer to perfect and extend your tan

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