Summer Shoes for the Midwest, Multi-tasking is the Key

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May 29, 2017
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June 17, 2017
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Summer Shoes for the Midwest, Multi-tasking is the Key

Midwest ladies, what’s the best way to describe our shoes for summer? “Packable, versatile and comfortable” is the way Alexandra Floersch portrayed our footwear in a recent article in the Grand Forks Herald. And we gotta agree. Living in the Wisconsin area means pavement, gravel, sand, grass, mud thickets, and woods.

She breaks down the popular Midwest shoe styles into five categories:

  • Sneakers
  • Ankle Booties
  • Ballet flats
  • Platform wedges or sandals
  • Birkenstocks

For the article, Floersch interviewed Wendy Monton, co-manager and buyer at SHU by R&G in Fargo, ND.

Monton says sneakers are “hot, hot, hot right now.” Lots of styles, patterns, colors (spoiler, rose gold is trending) make them flexible enough that it is ok to wear with “skirts and dresses all the way to rolled-up jeans” according to Monton.

For example, it may be almost sunny summer but we still get rain in the Hudson area of Wisconsin. And what do you do for those outdoor June weddings at one of our lakes or along the mighty (beautiful) Mississippi River?

Floersch says, “For wedding season, wedges are key. Classic stiletto heels may sink into the grass at outdoor events. With wedges, attendees don’t have to think twice about their feet or worry about picking grass or dirt out of their heels.”

Don’t you hate that awkward one legged stance/hop as you try to clean your shoe? Very awkward if you’re wearing a short or puffy skirt.

And ankle booties. Aren’t they so cute? But also versatile. Substitute them for heels if you’re going fancy, but need to tread some rough Midwestern ground before you get there.

And all of these options will look great as accessories to a Sunwerks tan, don’t you think?