Seeing Eye to Eye On Tanning Goggles

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May 2, 2017
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Seeing Eye to Eye On Tanning Goggles

Over the past 14 years that Sunwerks has been open, a lot of people have passed under our bed bulbs and a lot of regulations have crossed our tanning bed tables They go together. Where people’s health is concerned, so is their safety. With this first blog, we decided to touch on one of the rules that we strictly enforce: use of safety goggles.

Full disclosure, we had a recent incident where a patron refused to wear the safety glasses we supplied. She was insistent. And so were we. We could not serve her.

It’s the law. We obey the law. The Food and Drug Administration requires tanning salons to direct all customers to wear protective eye goggles. Makes sense. You’re tanning your skin, not your eyes.

According to the National Tanning Training Institute “The importance of wearing protective eye wear can never be stressed enough. Federal regulations (CFR 21 1040.20 (c) (4)) require that tanners wear protective eye wear that block 99.9% of the UVB light and 99% of the UVA light. It is the operator’s responsibility that the clients use compliant eye wear.”

Existing research indicates that too much exposure to ultraviolet rays— including UVA rays— can serve to damage the retina or even burn the cornea. In other words, wearing neither cotton wads nor ordinary sunglasses will do the job of protecting the cornea from the intensity of UV radiation in tanning devices.

And don’t even think about “just closing” your eyes. Won’t work. Not going to happen. Not in our Hudson, WI. location. Not in our Minneapolis, MN salon.

There are a great many laws, regulations, proposals about “tanning salons” that we don’t agree with— and you will hear us speak out on them— but one we wholeheartedly agree with is the need to protect your eyes.