Safely Experiencing the Solar Eclipse in WI and MN

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August 4, 2017
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Safely Experiencing the Solar Eclipse in WI and MN

Times for Hudson WI eclipse

More than most any other business in the area, SunWerks is acutely aware of the damaging effects the sun can have on the body. And not just with tanning. With the rare nationwide total eclipse just a week or so away, we thought to provide you with some safety tips on “viewing” and being part of this event as it crosses the Minneapolis to Hudson region of our customer community.

Taking place Aug. 21st around 1pm the solar eclipse will occur when the Moon passes between Earth and the Sun.  That will partly block the image of the sun from anyone viewing from Earth. (A total solar eclipse, which we are not on the path for in the WI & MN area, occurs when the moon’s apparent diameter is larger than the sun’s, blocking all direct sunlight, turning day into darkness. That might be good for the indoor tanning business, but we like daylight too).

From what we understand, some people are going to be watching from wherever they are, but others are camping out in open fields, getting there very early. If so we have some advice.

  • Bring water, especially if there are elderly among your group
  • Bring toilet paper
  • Bring a portable recharger for your phone
  • Don’t bring little kids or pets who will understandably get bored and cranky waiting
  • Bring a board game or deck of cards if you want to play nicely with others
  • Bring a book to read while waiting if you don’t play nicely with others
  • Bring bug spray (you are in a field) if you don’t want other “things” playing with you

And most importantly coming from us at SunWerks, we advise you to wear a floppy hat, straw hat, even a Minnesota Twins or Milwaukee Brewers hat. We are talking about 1pm, folks. Just a little after high noon. If it’s going to be hot that day, you will be baking.

As for sun screen, yes. What kind? Depends on the complexion of your skin. Our customers are more than welcome to check with us, we have your basic information on record.

Non-customers would be advised to call their physician or a local pharmacy. While concern for eye damage is critical during an eclipse, the extended exposure under the sun waiting for the eclipse also has its areas of concern.

Actual protection may vary and will depend upon the sections of the body to be protected, and the user applying proper SPF amounts.

But with careful advance considerations, you will safely experience this historic event. Then share your experiences with us, after all, we are called SunWerks!

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