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VIP Membership Find Your Fall Color

As the leaves 🍂🍁 begin to change and the days grow shorter 🌚 , it’s easy to feel the effects of the fading summer sun😔. But who says you have to say goodbye to your sun-kissed glow just yet? At SunWerks, we believe that every season is tanning season, and we’re thrilled to offer you an exclusive opportunity to maintain that radiant look all year round. With our VIP Memberships starting at just $39 per month, you can enjoy the warmth and radiance of our high-performance tanning sun beds, state-of-the-art sunless spray tans, skin-rejuvenating red light therapy, and relaxing infrared body wraps. Plus, there’s no better time to join than this fall to experience Vitamin D made from UVB and boost your mood with some heliotherapy.

Membership Benefits:

As a SunWerks VIP member, you’ll enjoy a host of fantastic benefits that will keep you looking and feeling your best:

  1. Unlimited Tanning in Your Level Choice: Say goodbye to session limits. As a member, you have the freedom to tan as often as you like in the sunbed level that suits you best. Whether you prefer a subtle glow or a deep, golden tan, we have you covered.
  2. 15% Off All Skin Care, Products, Boutique Items & Accessories: Enhance your tanning experience with our top-notch skin care products and stylish accessories. As a VIP, you’ll enjoy a 15% discount on all your purchases, helping you maintain that healthy glow both inside and out.
  3. Discounted Spray Tans, Red Light, and Body Wraps: Explore our range of premium services, including sunless spray tans, skin-rejuvenating red light therapy, and relaxing infrared body wraps. As a member, you’ll receive exclusive discounts on these rejuvenating treatments.
  4. Discounted Upgrades to Higher-Level Sun Beds: Want to take your tan to the next level? As a VIP, you can easily upgrade to higher-level sun beds for a darker, longer-lasting tan that will leave you feeling like a sun-soaked goddess.

Limited-Time Offer: Join VIP Membership Before September 30th!

But that’s not all! If you join our tanning salon membership before September 30th, you’ll receive some incredible perks:

  • $20 OFF Enrollment: We’re sweetening the deal by offering you $20 off your enrollment fee. This means you can start enjoying all the VIP Membership benefits for even less!
  • Welcome Kit: As a special welcome gift, you’ll receive a welcome kit filled with goodies to kickstart your tanning journey. Inside, you’ll find valuable coupons, tanning lotion packets, freebies, and additional discounts on our services and products.

Don’t let the changing seasons dull your radiance. Join a SunWerks VIP membership today and bask in the warmth and glow of our state-of-the-art equipment and exclusive benefits. With memberships starting at just $39 per month, it’s an affordable way to keep your spirits high throughout the year and pretend it is summer in the dead of winter. Plus, with our limited-time offer, there’s no better time to start than now. Visit our salon, speak to our friendly staff, and experience the joy of heliotherapy for yourself. We can’t wait to help you shine, no matter the season!

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*See our salon for more details on membership options, terms and to take advantage of our special offers.

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