Can You Wear White After Labor Day in the Midwest?

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August 13, 2017
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Can You Wear White After Labor Day in the Midwest?

A “hot” spray-on bronze tan looked soooooo good next to your white bathing suit or off the shoulder top & shorts during the summer. It’s a shame you can’t show your SunWerks lasting tan with a white dress or blouse & pants in the fall and winter, because— you “don’t wear white after Labor Day,” goes the rule. But whose old rule was that, and as Labor Day is this coming Monday, we have to ask, does it really apply anymore?

According to Time magazine:

“Historians think this maxim stems from class divisions at the turn of the century when lightweight clothes were a symbol of the leisure classes. Back then, Labor Day marked the time the affluent returned from vacation, packed away the summer clothes and went back to school and work. While there’s a practical reason for the rule — white clothes dirty easily thus making them ill-suited for heavy autumn rains and winter slush — those who carried the rule through the decades had a less than practical reason for doing so.”

It seems that “old money rich” biddies in an effort to distance themselves not only from the working classes but also the upstart “new rich” set up rules that originally were known only to the in crowd (think Mean Girls clique), so when someone committed a boo-boo like wearing white after Labor Day, well “YOU knew THEY weren’t one of US.”

Oh please, really?

That said, conventional thinking is that this kind of “rule” can be put in the book with the Pirates Code. It’s now more of a guideline than a rule.

So, despite what grandma or Aunt Lucy might say, it’s up to you.

Of course, you don’t want to wear all white. It is going to be cooler outside and white does reflect heat.

So, to keep the white but blend a balanced wardrobe, we also found these comments from Celebrity stylist Robert Verdi in a 2013 feature. He suggested:

“[pairing] whites (whether they’re jeans, a blazer, a bag) with a silhouette that is decidedly fall, like a navy velvet cigarette pant (that way it will look less summery) or a wool fedora.”

He added “For newly purchased items, choose cream and ivory colored pieces, since they’re less jarring, and always opt for white, cream, and ivory-colored items in fall fabrics.”

Why make the effort to look great during the summer if you can’t take it through the fall and winter? Bronze tan and white ensemble. Good match any season, before or after Labor Day.

Come in for a great tan this week and be ready for Labor Day 2017.